Other Support Groups

Local Prostate Cancer Support Groups

You are not alone in your journey with prostate cancer and we are not alone in our efforts to help!

In addition to PCS Oakville/Mississauga, men in our area are fortunate to have several other active local groups. You will be made very welcome regardless of where you are from or which meeting you choose to attend. There is no fee or commitment necessary. Attend once or become a regular. Here are their meeting days and contact information.

There are 17 active Prostate Cancer Support Groups across Ontario. You can find their details and contact information below.

Prostate Cancer Support Canada

A new Canada-wide network of Support Groups has been formed in 2021 with administrative support from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of B.C. Approximately 60 groups from B.C. to the Atlantic Provinces are now part of PCSC. Thanks to this initiative, all Support Groups (and individuals like you) have on-line access to: